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Affordable, Portable, and Refillable

Great bang for your buck!They're lightweight and fairly compact for any traveling purposesThe clear window easily lets you see the remaining fuel and helps prevent overfillingThe instructions will tell you how to refill the lighter and it's proper useI'd advise aiming the torch downwards while trying to start it because it allows for the fuel to reach the ignition area easier.


- ---From Jayden

Love this lighter!

Love the color, ordered the green, lights every time.The only thing I would like to see is to be able to order the color lighters without the black one. Or order one at a time instead of two pack, unless you could pick what two colors you get.EDIT/UPDATE:After having these lighters for 6 months, kept the green for myself and gave the black to my husband, the green one started leaking at the fill port. I contacted Urgrette through their website. I told them what was happening. I got an email back from Carol. She asked me to send a photo and a video of my lighter. I did, and she said "we will replace it"I got my new green replacement in the mail today!Thank you Ugrette, and thank you Carol!! True customer service at it's finest!I love my lighter and plan on ordering the set of four in spring colors!


- ---From Leslie Warren

Best Torch lighters I have ever owned!

I usually don’t comment on packaging but when I first opened the box I loved that I saw the product instructional manual and warranty card.  Each torch lighter was individually bubble wrapped. Filling the lighter was so simple and the tri-flame torch is outstanding.  This seems to be a solid and rugged lighter.   Just barely bigger than a full sized Bic lighter.  The weight is perfect, not heavy but not light either.  Again, solid construction!   Definitely wind proof!  The flame adjusts really easy on the bottom.Quality - Excellent!Value - Excellent!Cool Factor - Off the charts!I am going to order more of these as gifts to friends, family, and co-workers.  Easily the best torch lighters I have ever used!


- ---From Terry

Easily light my cigars

Use it to light my cigars.  Works every time I pull down the lever.  Feels good in the hand.  Buy it when it's on sale, by far the best cigar lighters that I have. Will recommend.


- ---From Kirkl444

Awesome lighter,Lightweight and slim enough to fit in your pocket

The flame is pefect straight out of the box(after putting fluid in), the lighter is slim which makes it perfect for your pocket or purse, the stand cap is a nice subtle touch to hold your cigar. Just got it today, so can’t say about durability, time will tell but has a 1 year warranty, so for the price you really can't go wrong.


- ---From Roger D.

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